Minimalist C framework for quick 3D game development.


  • C++. C.
  • Fast. Naive.
  • Modern. Simple.
  • Full featured. Small.
  • Royaltie fee. Free and unlicensed.

Features ᕦ(ᐛ)ᕤ (stuff done and yet to be done)

  • OS: Windows, Linux and OSX.
  • Compiler: MSVC, MINGW64, TCC, GCC and clang.
  • Window: windowed, fullscreen, msaa, icon, cursor handling.
  • Input: keyboard, mouse and gamepads.
  • Script: Lua, bindings and FFI.
  • Network: downloads (HTTPS), sockets (TCP/UDP) and messages (enet/websocket).
  • UI: color3/4, button, list, slider, toggle, checkbox, editbox, dialog, menus.
  • Math: rand, noise, ease, vec2/3/4, mat33/34/44, quat and quat2, bezier, catmull.
  • Geometry: ray, line, plane, aabb, sphere, capsule, triangle, poly and frustum.
  • Image: JPG, PNG, TGA, BMP, PSD, HDR, PIC, PNM and GIF.
  • Texture: BCn 1/2/3/4/5/6/7, DDS, KTX, PVR, PKM, ETC.
  • Audio: WAV, MOD, XM, FLAC, OGG, MP1, MP3, MID and SFXR.
  • Video: MP4, MPG, OGV, MKV, WMV and AVI.
  • Model: IQM, GLTF/2, FBX, OBJ, DAE, BLEND, MD3, MD5, MS3D, SMD, X, 3DS, BVH, DXF, LWO.
  • Render: 2D Sprites, spritesheets, batching, tiled and 2D Spines.
  • Render: 3D Anims, skeletal anims and hardware skinning.
  • Render: 3D Debugdraw, batching and vectorial font.
  • Render: Cubemaps, panoramas and spherical harmonics. Rayleigh/Mie scattering.
  • Render: Post-effects (SSAO,FXAA1/3,CRT,Contrast,Grain,Outline,Vignette...) and shadertoys.
  • Compression: DEFLATE, LZMA, LZ4, ULZ, BALZ, BCM, CRUSH, LZW3, LZSS and PPP.
  • Virtual filesystem: ZIP, PAK, TAR and DIR.
  • Disk cache.
  • Scene handling.
  • Integrated asset pipeline.
  • Profiler, stats and leaks finder.
  • Level data: JSON, JSON5, SJSON, XML.

Roadmap ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ (in order of arrival; *: partial support)

  • Network: message api and pub/sub wrappers (enet/websocket).
  • Script: DLL*, Lua*, Teal and TypeScript.
  • Script: Refl/meta binding tool (during cook stage).
  • Level editor: gizmos*, scene tree, property editor, load/save, undo/redo, copy/paste.
  • Level objects: volumes*, triggers, platforms, streaming.
  • Render: Materials (colors, textures*, matcaps*, videos*, shadertoys*).
  • Render: Shadow mapping and baked lightmaps.
  • Pipeline: Make asset pipeline configurable. Extend: shaders, bindings, textures. Per-type, per-asset options.
  • Maybe: Animation pass.
  • Maybe: AI/Logic pass.
  • Maybe: Lighting/PBR pass.
  • Maybe: VM/ECS/Replication pass.
  • API: More examples.
  • API: Documentation. Generator *. Generator during cook stage.
  • API: Review API, clean it up and lock it.


Type MAKE.bat (Win) or sh MAKE.bat (Linux/OSX) to build everything. Alternatively,

echo Windows (vc+tcc)      && cl  demo.c       fwk.c
echo Windows (mingw64)     && gcc demo.c       fwk.c -o demo -w -lws2_32 -lgdi32 -lwinmm -ldbghelp -std=c99
echo Linux (gcc+clang+tcc) && cc  demo.c       fwk.c -o demo -w -lm -ldl -lpthread
echo OSX (gcc+clang)       && cc  demo.c -ObjC fwk.c -o demo -w -framework cocoa -framework iokit
  • Note: TCC is partially supported on Windows+Linux. Beware, no threading.
  • Note: FWK as DLL: cl fwk.c /LD /DAPI=EXPORT, then cl demo_dll.c fwk.lib /DAPI=IMPORT.


  • Split FWK into separate files by running art/tools/split.bat (or sh art/tools/split.bat in Linux/OSX).
  • Merge those files back into FWK by running art/tools/join.bat (or sh art/tools/join.bat in Linux/OSX).
  • Optionally, generate a single-header distribution by executing following script:
type fwk.h            > fwk-single-header.h
echo #ifdef FWK_C    >> fwk-single-header.h
echo #pragma once    >> fwk-single-header.h
type fwk.c           >> fwk-single-header.h
echo #endif // FWK_C >> fwk-single-header.h

Extra tips

  • Dropped files into game window will be imported & saved in art/import folder.
  • Linux/OSX users can optionally install wine to use the Windows pipeline as an alternate asset pipeline.


This software is released into the public domain.
Also dual-licensed as 0-BSD or MIT (No Attribution) for those countries where public domain is a concern (sigh).
Any contribution to this repository is implicitly subjected to the same release conditions aforementioned.

Credits (Artwork + demos)

Credits (Tools)

Credits (Runtime)

Issues Discord

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